The Curious Case of Lieutenant Boddy

There's been a murder at Fort Mifflin!

Photo courtesy of John R. Hurst

Lieutenant Boddy, a generally disrespectable and disrespected, bad bargain of an officer was found shot dead on the Parade Ground, presumably on his way back after carousing in town. While no one, except perhaps his tavern keeper, will mourn the loss of Lt. Boddy we cannot allow vigilante justice within our garrison.

The Fort will be full of likely suspects with personal motives to see the end of the despicable Lieutenant. Your job is to identify our killer and inform the Provost Guard so that the culprit may be apprehended. Clues abound, but you must make inquiries throughout the Fort to discover them.  Listen to the gossip in the Tavern and question our cast of characters to draw your own conclusions.

During the day you will meet:

  • The Admiral of the Blue (our Tavern Keeper,) a former army surveyor and cartographer who now runs the tavern within the Fort. He is quite accustomed to his comfortable life.
  • Sergeant Grey, a no-nonsense, corrupt and desperately greedy soldier now acting as a Provost in the garrison.
  • Madame Scarlet, a sassy yet cultured woman who runs the nearby brothel.
  • Captain Brown, a privateer who is often drunk, taking shelter at the Fort hiding from the Royal Navy. He harbors ambitions of becoming a pirate.
  • The Blacksmith, subject of a local rumor regarding making and selling arms illegally.
  • Silver, the garrison cook, who is beloved by all but the deceased Lieutenant who despised her for not showing him particular favor.
  • Major Payne, a hero of the French & Indian War, who has tired of military life and discipline in general and the deceased Lieutenant’s misdeeds in particular.
  • Assorted members of the garrison, all known by the Lieutenant, with their own insights into who may have committed the crime against him.

Visit the tavern and explore the Fort to uncover clues and information about the crime.  Discuss your findings and suspicions and share who YOU would accuse of this terrible crime. Play on your own or assemble a team of sleuths. At the conclusion of the investigation we will convene in the tavern to share the results of all the investigations. The individuals or teams correctly identifying the guilty party will win a reward!

Cash bar and light snacks available.

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