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Marching Orders

The Fort Mifflin Blog

It’s well documented that engaging your creativity brings health benefits – from enhancing well-being to boosting immunity, while often leaving you with something beautiful or useful (or fun!) in the end.

We’re having technical difficulties getting this page to archive properly, so we will be linking directly to more detailed information for each topic in our #MakeItBetterMonday series.


#MakeItBetterMonday April 6, 2020 A “Taste” of Soldier Life

Does an army really march on its stomach? What did soldiers during the American Revolution actually eat? Explore the basics of 18th century military mess and then mix up a batch of hard tack and try it for yourself! #MakeItBetterMonday

Click HERE for information and links, plus the recipe to try at home!







Image of a homemade glider scouts can make in the Aviation program

#MakeItBetterMonday March 30, 2020 AVIATION

For this week’s #MakeItBetterMonday, let’s explore 20th century history and Fort Mifflin’s unique location adjacent to Philadelphia International Airport. Why did they build the Fort so close to the Airport? Hmmm.

Learn about the basic principles of aviation, the forces acting on a plane and then make your own FPG-9. BONUS! Bring your FPG-9 with you to Skies Above Fort Mifflin on June 20 (thinking positive thoughts!) and receive a complimentary student (ages 6 to 12) admission.

Click HERE for information about flight and project instructions.


#MakeItBetterMonday March 23, 2020 KNITTING

For our first #MakeItBetterMonday we bring you… knitting! Why might we want to talk about knitting at Fort Mifflin?  While knitting has a long household history, many knitting initiatives benefitted the military.

History and project ideas HERE.