Mission & Board

Meet our Board of Directors

Our Mission

The stated mission of Fort Mifflin on the Delaware is to develop, preserve and interpret Fort Mifflin as a National Historic Landmark whose unique history, original fabric and surrounding environment will be protected and used to educate and enrich students and families and serve as a significant regional tourist resource.

Physical and architectural preservation will reflect the period 1777 – 1875. Historical interpretation will be inclusive of the Fort’s service during each of America’s major wars: Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I and World War II. Environmental interpretation will be inclusive of the Fort’s river setting, wetland habitat and wooded areas.

Board of Directors


  • Chester Wichowski, Chair
  • Charles Croce, Vice Chair
  • Rebecca Brumble, Secretary
  • Isabel Mosetter, Treasurer


  • Carlo Aragoncillo
  • James Bilella, II
  • Frank Cellucci
  • Thomas Gaffney
  • Katherine Johnson
  • Adam Kaufer
  • Peter Kennedy
  • Nancy Kovler
  • Dennis Miller
  • Anthony Raiola
  • Lori Dillard Rech
  • John Toner
  • Maria Traub
  • Harrison Woodruff
  • Bill Yang

Director Emeritus

  • Harry G. Dittman